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A financial services client wanted to harness the potential of their future leaders, and engaged Lockstep to facilitate a six-month Aspiring Leaders Programme to achieve this.

While our client could point out the future leaders who were making their mark, they also wanted these individuals to step into roles where they could better use their talents.

Our dedicated programme covered both individual and group learning sessions, and incorporated structured High Performance Conversations between aspiring leaders and their direct managers. To ensure the business benefited directly from the learnings that arose, a carefully designed project, which impact the business in a material way, was assigned to those participating in the programme.

The learning modules started off by focusing on personal growth and awareness, directly related to each aspiring leader’s current role. This prepared them to learn about their ability to influence and lead others; to create impactful teams; and to engage more fully, over the next two modules, with what was needed from their organisation.

The future leaders who attended the programme revealed 6 important leadership shifts: 
  1. An increased sense of confidence;
  2. A spoken desire to bring about change;
  3. High levels of engagement and energy, which carried over into their working environment and increased productivity;  
  4. A sense of responsibility for their own career development;
  5. Increased collaboration across departments; and
  6. A stronger belief in the worldly purpose of their organisation.
Added to this, the direct managers noticed the following from their aspiring leaders: 
  • A far more solutions-orientated approach from the delegates; 
  • A desire among them to understand more of their organisation’s key practices. Direct managers felt this resulted from stronger mentoring, and
  • Delegates becoming more comfortable with expressing their leadership voices.

The organisation’s overall leadership capacity has increased radically and, through the programme, the 10 young leaders are now equipped to contribute meaningfully to our client’s future success.

If you are looking to develop your future leaders in your organisation, email Lockstep at 

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