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There are myriad profiling and coaching tools available out there, so why is the Enneagram our coaching tool of choice?

Firstly, because of its depth and complexity of insight, secondly, because it is the only tool that can generate team profiles as well as individual profiles and, thirdly, because of how the Enneagram speeds up and sharpens a coaching process.

When the Enneagram is properly administered, it is a sophisticated, multi-dimensional and modern tool that reflects at least 10 different points of data – over and above just a personality type. No two people emerge with exactly the same report due to its nuance and complexity.

The Enneagram is a powerful addition to any individual and organisational development programme and the awareness gained when it is well integrated into a team’s dynamic makes it a game-changing addition to your business.

In essence, the Enneagram describes nine different personality types, their distinct worldviews and how they set about interacting with each other. Unlike many other typologies, the Enneagram is used to help people uncover their type through guided self-discovery. It is not used to categorise people or box them but rather to promote a deep level of self-awareness while introducing a common language within business structures and teams. The Enneagram highlights the unique motivations behind behaviour that help us become aware of the unconscious triggers and blind spots that people, teams and organisations hold.


 Some of the key learnings the Enneagram provides:

  • how different types of people prefer to give and receive feedback in the workplace;
  • their preferences when dealing with conflict;
  • their decision-making strategies;
  • what motivates them;
  • their different negotiation styles;
  • the natural contributions and 
  • the challenges each face in the quest for self-mastery. 

Lockstep specifically values the Enneagram for the significant short cuts it provides in the personal and professional development we seek to encourage. Through its use, our clients are able to save on both time and money as they work towards having more integrated, impactful and dynamic teams within their organisation. It also contributes accuracy to the self-awareness field, which can otherwise be a nebulous and vague area.

The Enneagram allows us to gather individual, team and organisational data from one source and to draw conclusions about culture dynamics between the three groupings.

Lockstep has a long-standing financial services client which has taken the approach of testing every single person in their organisation – from the leadership, working slowly through each team and individual to the most junior employees. With this kind of buy-in from a senior executive team, the Enneagram can provide significant, detailed insight into a great deal of organisational behaviours.

Another example we’ve experienced was an organisation that was more biased towards “thinking” than “action” or “feeling” as a way of navigating the world. The Enneagram allowed us to identify and codify this unconscious blindspot in order to improve on client’s speed-to-market – agility and ability to deliver timeously on products and services.

Equally, we’ve worked with a team with a strong feeling competency, but which needed help to reach their performance indicators in terms of action and cognitive strategy. Once again, the Enneagram helped us to clarify this point for them so they could operate consciously and in a way that was more fit for purpose.

In closing, let’s look at the top five applications of the Enneagram – what this profound tool can do for you, your team and your organisation.

  1. Show leaders how their style impacts others.
  2. Build awareness and understanding among individuals, creating team cohesion, trust and improved decision-making.
  3. Facilitate more effective communication between the nine different personality types. 
  4. Grow intra- and interpersonal competencies and tolerance for diversity in an age where EQ is highly valued and needed in the workplace; and
  5. Enrich and accelerate the coaching process. 

For more information or to learn how the Enneagram can assist your team, please contact us directly on:

Angela Deutschmann

Angela Deutschmann

Angela Deutschmann is a Senior Associate and Head of the Enneagram Practice at Lockstep. Angela focuses on co-facilitating leadership retreats, coaching senior clients and contributing to the personal development aspects of the leadership programmes. Having left the corporate world at age 29, Angela devoted herself to building a practice of intimate and cutting-edge personal development. She has thirteen years’ experience of being an intuitive coach, workshop leader, facilitator, and speaker – with the intent on building bridges between doing and being; performance and presence.

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