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A high-performing executive team is a CEO’s biggest leverage point and does not materialise by default.

In our quest to better understand how South African business leaders go about optimising and mobilising their executive frontline, Lockstep recently conducted critical research by connecting with a select group of CEOs.

Based on our experience regarding the common characteristics of high-performing teams, we developed eight questions for CEOs – the answers to which would gauge their team’s level of performance.

A snapshot of our findings

  • Although high-performing teams tend to score highly when it comes to characteristics like “we invest in our development and “we have a meaningful purpose”, this also led to a few misconceptions, which could mislead inexperienced teams.
  • We identified eight misconceptions related to purpose, development and accountability, as well as items like operating principles, shared goals and how collective performance is tracked.
  • By intentionally building an executive team, we have found that switched-on CEOs also gain a clearer insight into their own leadership development and a more accurate picture of the needs of their business.

The end game is visible leadership – where each team member can operate from a place of high impact

Download our report to learn more about the eight characteristics that form an effective team development framework and lead to the building of a high-performing executive team:

Download the Report

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Anne Hartslief

Anne Hartslief

Anne Hartslief is the Managing Director at Lockstep and leads the Gold Standard Executive Team programme.  Anne brings operational experience, business performance and an understanding of human behaviour to her role at Lockstep.  She believes that high-performing cohesive Executive leadership teams spread influence throughout the organisation, acting as a powerful point of leverage for success.

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