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Leadership Development is relevant in all organisations, large and small.  Sometimes, in smaller organisations leaders are more agile and able to respond more quickly to new information.  In the case of our partnership with Southern Destinations, a small-scale investment in leadership development unlocked significant change for their orgnsation.

Lockstep Senior Associate Rob Broster has had a long-standing relationship with Southern Destinations, a small to medium sized business in the tourism sector.  Rob consulted to Southern Destination on a long-term leadership process a few years back and is in regular contact with CEO Neil Ratcliffe to advise on leadership within their organisation.

Recently, after a conversation about the organisation’s needs, Rob suggested a more structured intervention and developed a bespoke leadership programme to incorporate three aspects:

  • Personal introspection for the CEO and Executive Team using the Enneagram profiling tool.
  • Investigating the team’s view of the organisation and its leadership through a Lockstep designed survey called the People Performance Indicator.
  • A series of expert conversations with the CEO exploring 5 different ways to consider CEO’ship.

This process took place over a month involving the CEO, executive team and an anonymous survey of the full team, with Rob offering a detailed feedback conversation and report.

As a result of the data collected, the executives found that their perception of the team’s working experience and the reality were not aligned. The opportunity to offer feedback anonymously meant that new information was made available and the team could act quickly in a more focused and directed manner.

‘This knowledge allowed us to allocate projects to specific people. Punching better to our strengths is where we’re going’.  Neil Ratcliffe, CEO Southern Destinations.

Using the self-knowledge from the Enneagram sessions and wisdom gained during the exploration of CEO’ship, Neil and his team went on to consult an expert in Human Resources to implement structures and procedures in order to bring their team back into alignment, ensuring that both retention and performance levels remain high in their team.

We’re more aware of where we are than we were a few months ago, definitely a positive result’

In the case of Southern Destinations, a smaller-scaled process in leadership development along with the willingness to act on information gathered, led to an aligned workforce, a more focused executive team and a more impactful, profitable organisation.

Contact us for a tailored approach to business leadership and let us help you unlock organisational change in your business.

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