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Investing in Leadership is critical to you and your business’ success.

While you cannot outsource your organisations’ leadership, our experience shows that external expert voices bring great value to any organisation.

If you want your investment in leadership to be most effective then making the commitment to an external partner should be carefully considered.

Leadership has an influence on all aspects of your business so here are 4 questions to consider before engaging with a leadership development partner.

  1. What outcomes do you want from investing in your current or future leaders? What pain do you want to avoid, or, what do you hope to gain from this process? Having a clear vision for what you need from your leaders in order to achieve your organisational goals is key to the success of any investment in leadership.
  2. Are you ready to invest time, energy and attention into the process? Successful leadership engagements are not ‘one-time’ modules, or necessarily easy – they take considerable time, energy and attention. Often, difficult conversations are surfaced during this process which can feel like the work is not helping in the short term. If you trust your leadership development partner, you should be willing to trust that the process agreed on will deliver your desired outcomes over time.
  3. Are you willing to fully share the details of your organisational context? This includes your strategy, your financials and your succession plan among others. The leadership your organisation requires is not isolated from your organisational context and your leadership development programme shouldn’t be either.
  4. Do you feel aligned with the leadership approach taken by the organisation and to the person who will be delivering your specific programme? There are many opinions on what excellent leadership is – some of these are outdated and based on worldviews that are no longer applicable in this complex time. It’s important that your views of leadership are aligned with any external partner and that your dedicated practitioner is the right fit for your business.

You’ll notice that we haven’t mentioned a financial investment. In our experience, a small investment into leadership can make a substantial change so we don’t believe that finances should be a hindrance in making a decision about engaging an external partner. What is important is that you’re aware of what your business can afford and that you communicate that clearly.

At Lockstep, it’s important to us that we’re aligned with our clients before embarking on any leadership process so we have in-depth and meaningful conversations about all the above questions before we both sign on the proverbial dotted line.

If you’re wanting to learn more about the impact a partnership between yourself and Lockstep could make on your business, email Carryn Ortlepp to set up a meeting.

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