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Leadership matters.

More specifically, the choice to step up and lead matters. We live in a world that is constantly changing, where new opportunities abound and where our organisations and our communities are often grappling with uncertainty and fear – we live in a world that needs strong and deeply committed leadership.

In my view, the type of leadership that matters right now, is not solely that of achievement, focus, goal setting and employee motivation. The kind of leadership that is being cried out for is that of leadership in action.

Leadership in action has an external manifestation but is also profoundly personal.

This type of leadership understands that everyone is interdependent, interconnected and interrelated. It recognises that each individual action has an impact far beyond self. This conscious and deliberate acceptance of responsibility for one’s actions, and reactions, together with the understanding of the impact on others, is the start of the type of leadership that I believe is so desperately required today.

Being a leader means that we acknowledge that we get to choose how we respond to the circumstances of our life. It means that we choose to fully participate in life. In return, this gift of participation opens us up to our own evolvement as human beings, helping us live from a place of deeper freedom, where we consciously live from a place of choice.

If this type of leadership is what matters, how does it manifest practically? Once we understand that we are not victims of circumstance but crafters of destiny we are able to see alternatives we previously would not have. We are able to move forward by inspiring events and people, not through ordering and commanding, but through deeper influence.

The beauty of fully participating in our lives is that we are constantly open to learning and co-creating solutions with others. This allows us to call on our deeper wisdom to embrace the fact that answers are not held by any one person, but that creativity and solutions can come from anywhere.

One of the reasons I work in the field of leadership is that I see the difference leadership makes every day – on an organisation, on a community and in the world. I particularly enjoy working with CEO’s and their Executive Teams as this is often the greatest point of influence in business – where the leadership impacts the strategy and culture of the business and therefore influences the people who work there, both in their personal and professional lives.

In a world of uncertainty and change, leadership that comes from participation in life allows for comfort with ambiguity, the ability to hold tension and most importantly, the ability to care beyond personal advantage. As our organisations, families and communities cry out for individuals of strength and vision to rally around, this is the type of leadership we need, and indeed the reason that leadership matters.

What does leadership mean to you?

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Anne Hartslief

Anne Hartslief

Anne Hartslief is the Managing Director at Lockstep and leads the Gold Standard Executive Team programme.  Anne brings operational experience, business performance and an understanding of human behaviour to her role at Lockstep.  She believes that high-performing cohesive Executive leadership teams spread influence throughout the organisation, acting as a powerful point of leverage for success.

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