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Lockstep defines a startup as a newly created, fast-growing business offering an innovative product, process or service. As part of expanding our leadership offering, Lockstep recently connected with over 35 CEOs of South African startup companies to learn how best to help strengthen their ability to lead in the startup territory.

The insights below will give you a snapshot of how startup CEOs are orienting around various challenges such as driving revenue, recruiting talent, driving performance and managing one’s own time and energy levels.

If you are leading a startup company and looking to develop your leadership capability, connect with Richard Jamieson to have a further discussion.

You can read Richard’s previous insights regarding leadership for startups here.

Richard Jamieson

Richard Jamieson

Richard Jamieson is a Senior Associate at Lockstep and is the Head of the Coaching Practice.  He is passionate about helping leaders and teams transition to new ways of working together – to escape the traps of busy-ness, politics or ego, so that they can attain high performance in a sustainable way. Richard worked in corporate finance and politics, before transitioning to a career in professional coaching in 2007.

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  • atolllWef says:

    Lockstep works by integrating with cloud and on-premise enterprise resource planning and accounting solutions, and provides services to help accounting teams work together. The software is designed to remove the need for email, portals and paper between accounts receivable and accounts payable functions. The Seattle-based startup most recently brought on an executive vice president of customer success, an executive vice president of marketing, and a vice president of finance to help reach this goal.

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