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From Miss Universe, South Africa’s Zozibini Tunzi, saying that young girls should be taught leadership to the countless leadership ‘gurus’ and programmes available, it is well recognised that strong leadership attributes are a key contributor to many of life’s success stories. 

Leadership isn’t easy. It requires:

  1. Effort and the willingness to be noticed and to stand out from your peers; 
  2. Regular self-reflection; 
  3. You to take calculated risks and have a high level of curiosity;
  4. Courage to say the unpopular thing and 
  5. To be comfortable with making tough decisions. 

At Lockstep, we believe that everyone has the power and potential to be an effective leader – regardless of title, status or what their specific core gifts might be.  But how exactly is leadership learned and improved?

Over many years developing hundreds of leaders’, our CEO, Rowan Belchers, and Senior Associate, Angela Deutschmann, have developed the Genius Leader Model. This model codifies leadership, making it accessible and allowing each individual to access their personal leadership abilities in the most impactful way. 

The core of the model is that your internal gifts and areas of growth show up in your leadership approach. So, if your internal orientation is towards structure and getting things done regardless of the consequences, you’ll be the kind of leader that expects the same of others. Likewise, If you are more philosophical and like to view the big picture in an optimistic way (sometimes at the expense of both reality and detail), then your leadership style and expectations of others will reflect that. 

The actual essence of Genius leadership then is not necessarily what we do, but rather, how we do it. The Genius Leader Model incorporates both of these elements and, most importantly, allows for each person to express their own leadership style, making the most of their specific strengths. 

In order to make this model and approach accessible, we have identified the four core modes or ‘ways of being’ that make up a Genius Leader.

What is a Mode? We define a Mode as a behavior, presence or way in which a leader holds themselves in each specific leadership situation in order to get the job done in an impactful manner.

They are: DriveGuide Inspire Connect

  • Drive is the action part of leading, the focus on short-term results, structure and processes.
  • Guide refers to holding the big picture, to creating a strategy and looking ahead to the future of the business and its sector. 
  • Inspire is about generating a sense of purpose, aliveness and magic. 
  • Connect is a focus on growing strong and empowering relationships throughout the system. 

These may all sound simple but there is depth and complexity to each of these modes. With your inherent skills, growth areas and personality traits, you will tend to find certain modes easier to work within than others. An excellent leader is someone who understands which of these modes is appropriate in each situation and is able to manage themselves in a way that is both impactful and leads to optimal system performance. 

To help you realise your leadership potential, we will outline both the theory and the practice of each mode of being a Genius Leader in our forthcoming Genius Leader series. 

If you want to become a GENIUS Leader, sign up HERE for our ongoing series and join our community. 

The big take out: 

  • Everyone can learn to be a leader using their own unique gifts.
  • The manner in which you lead (what we call a ‘mode’) is directly related to your key motivations and personality drivers. 
  • The Four Modes are: Drive, Guide, Connect and Inspire 

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