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Masterchef has been a highly entertaining, likeable and addictive addition to our television viewing for the past decade.

From Reynold’s magical desserts to Gordon Ramsey being nice to enviably talented 10-year-olds, the show has captured imaginations and inspired fancy plating and themed dinner parties around the world. 

Apart from the entertainment and career-launching value of the MasterChef franchise, watching the interactions with the judges and the contestants is the study of human behaviour. What could we learn from this show about:

  • Quick, fair and rigorous feedback loops.
  • Mentorship and how to build a learning culture.
  • The (surprising) value of the element of surprise.
  • Balancing inclusion and meritocracy.

Join Lockstep Senior Associate, Angela Deutschmann, for a fast-paced class that includes some Masterchef-inspired exercises and gives you an excuse to bring TV (and food) into work time!

If you want to catch the full context of this class some prior Masterchef watching is advised but not a necessity.

The details: 

  • Date: Thursday, 30th July 2020
  • Time: 09h00-10h00 (SAST)
  • Where: Zoom: you will receive a zoom link when you sign up.


Please note: there are no costs involved for you to join these Masterclasses. 

Angela Deutschmann

Angela Deutschmann

Angela Deutschmann is a Senior Associate and Head of the Enneagram Practice at Lockstep. Angela focuses on co-facilitating leadership retreats, coaching senior clients and contributing to the personal development aspects of the leadership programmes. Having left the corporate world at age 29, Angela devoted herself to building a practice of intimate and cutting-edge personal development. She has thirteen years’ experience of being an intuitive coach, workshop leader, facilitator, and speaker – with the intent on building bridges between doing and being; performance and presence.

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