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With change being the only constant right now, we are being challenged in multiple ways.

Through all this, our brains still seek safety in order to perform, focus and stay clear on our next steps. Join us to learn a neuroscience model of psychological safety to increase your and your team’s sense of belonging and engagement in the workplace. 

During this Masterclass you will learn: 

  • Why psychological safety is key for your own and your team’s wellbeing at work.
  • What your brain seeks in order to function at its best.
  • How to use the SCARF neuroscience model to help you and your team create the conditions for optimal performance.

Connect with us at [email protected] to discuss how we can customise this Masterclass for your team.

Rob Broster

Rob Broster

Rob Broster is a Senior Associate at Lockstep and works closely with his clients to help build better workplaces. Focusing on people performance, Rob believes that the workplace needs to be more engaging, ethical and effective. Rob champions the Leading Manager Programme. This 3-5-month programme focuses on developing a leadership mindset in management teams, while providing them with the necessary skills and the practical know-how for managers to succeed.

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