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‘Shadow’ is a term coined by Carl Jung to describe the qualities or behaviours in ourselves – good or bad – that we have disowned or prefer to ignore. Our disowned qualities tend to show up in the workplace as resistance to certain colleagues, self-sabotaging habits or leadership blindspots.

It takes courage and care for each of us to see our own shadows, yet behind these vulnerable realisations can be our biggest breakthroughs – both in our personal and professional relationships.

In this Masterclass you will learn:
  • What shadow work is and why it matters.
  • Techniques for spotting your own shadows.
  • How to integrate your shadow elements to unearth your best qualities.

We recommend this Masterclass for any individual who is interested in learning more about their shadow and how it impacts their work and leadership abilities.

Connect with us at [email protected] to discuss how we can customise this Masterclass for you and your team.

Angela Deutschmann

Angela Deutschmann

Angela Deutschmann is a Senior Associate and Head of the Enneagram Practice at Lockstep. Angela focuses on co-facilitating leadership retreats, coaching senior clients and contributing to the personal development aspects of the leadership programmes. Having left the corporate world at age 29, Angela devoted herself to building a practice of intimate and cutting-edge personal development. She has thirteen years’ experience of being an intuitive coach, workshop leader, facilitator, and speaker – with the intent on building bridges between doing and being; performance and presence.

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