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The operating context for business has, and will continue to shift rapidly over the coming months.

Strategic planning as we knew it is not fit for purpose in this time.

In this Masterclass, we will work with converting uncertainty into understanding.

Starting with the current ‘reset’ strategic state of your business, your division or your team we will learn ways to:

  • Identify the context needed to hone in on.
  • Assess options resulting in an impactful plan for the next 3- 4 months.

This Masterclass is beneficial for anyone leading a team or a business.

Connect with us at [email protected] to discuss how we can customise this Masterclass for your team or organisation. 

Anne Hartslief

Anne Hartslief

Anne Hartslief is the Managing Director at Lockstep and leads the Gold Standard Executive Team programme.  Anne brings operational experience, business performance and an understanding of human behaviour to her role at Lockstep.  She believes that high-performing cohesive Executive leadership teams spread influence throughout the organisation, acting as a powerful point of leverage for success.

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