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Whether you’re leading yourself, your family, a team or an organisation, it is clear that your Leadership matters.

Successful leadership impacts the world. It is not a theoretical process, nor a wafty ideal to chase. Successful leadership is special, attractive and something to aspire to.

During this Masterclass, we share our easy-to-understand Genius Leader model with you. This model encourages individual expression and action, making leadership accessible for anyone who is moved to lead.

Connect with us at to discuss how this Masterclass can be customised for your team.

Anne Hartslief

Anne Hartslief

Anne Hartslief is the Managing Director at Lockstep and leads the Gold Standard Executive Team programme.  Anne brings operational experience, business performance and an understanding of human behaviour to her role at Lockstep.  She believes that high-performing cohesive Executive leadership teams spread influence throughout the organisation, acting as a powerful point of leverage for success.

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