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Tough Conversations are everywhere – from offering feedback at work to sharing how you really feel with your partner. These conversations, or the lack thereof, have a critical and shaping impact on the quality of all our relationships – at work and at home.

While there’s no quick fix for the courage and vulnerability needed in tough conversations, we can help you with a framework and some core principles for having these effectively – starting right now.

In this masterclass, you will learn: 
  • How to self-manage before and during a hard conversation.
  • 5 essential steps – and why they matter.
  • How to set up your environment to support, and even encourage, a culture of truthful and safe feedback.

Lockstep Senior Associate and Head of Enneagram, Angela Deutschmann leads this masterclass.

  • Date: Thursday, 17 September
  • Time: 09h00 – 10h00 (SAST)
  • Investment: R 495.00

Ensure your conversations have the desired impact and sign up HERE.

Angela Deutschmann

Angela Deutschmann

Angela Deutschmann is a Senior Associate and Head of the Enneagram Practice at Lockstep. Angela focuses on co-facilitating leadership retreats, coaching senior clients and contributing to the personal development aspects of the leadership programmes. Having left the corporate world at age 29, Angela devoted herself to building a practice of intimate and cutting-edge personal development. She has thirteen years’ experience of being an intuitive coach, workshop leader, facilitator, and speaker – with the intent on building bridges between doing and being; performance and presence.