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15 years ago, Lockstep did people development.

15 years later, Lockstep does systemic leadership development.

What happened in that time frame? 

Being an organisation that prides itself on our growth mindset, we have changed with the times. Our offering has become narrowly focused on building leaders of high character and skill who are able to deliver high performance whilst remaining essentially human. 

The world now understands people better, business appreciates the value of leadership, and the world of business has become exponentially more complex. So, it stands to reason that newer and better ways of developing leaders have come to pass.

We remain deeply in love with the idea that one great leader can accomplish extraordinary things, and we stand firm in the idea that business is a highly effective vehicle for building extraordinary people. 

And so, we go to work every day for our clients, trying to make this happen by way of our elegant, triangulated model of bringing the Business Strategy, the CEO, and the Leader Body into a cohesive ‘union’. 

This is how systemic leadership takes place: these three elements are sharpened up, tightly aligned, and then closely tracked along their path to driving business performance. 

Efficient use of time. Real-life situations tackled. Real progress made.

Here’s what we are seeing across our systemic leadership landscape:

  • Leading is hard

It’s seriously challenging to lead well in current business conditions. The ‘starter’ qualifications for being a leader are already a high bar and that bar seems to be permanently getting raised. There simply is more for leaders to do to keep people aligned and motivated. 

  • Leading is rewarding

Similarly, such is the nature of (good) leadership development, good leaders can be formed with the right process in place. We all operate at roughly 50% of our potential and unlocking the remaining 50% is relatively doable.

  • Leading moves the needle

When systemic leadership is undertaken, the business really responds. Businesses are malleable: when asked to adjust, they will. After all, any business is merely the sum of its people-parts as people are highly elastic beings. 

What you can expect from Lockstep over the year ahead is:

  • Razor-sharp focus on the CEO role and the building of stand-out CEOs
  • Bring Strategy alive so leaders can see it for the needle-moving asset that it can be
  • World-class teaming practices
  • Deeper exploration into what it requires to move a business from Point A to (a better) Point B
  • Generous sharing of client success stories via video documentaries

As ever, our underpinning as a business is to combine Performance with Humanity, and our work will always be rich in fragrance and sharp in results.
We look forward to accompanying you and your business on your own leadership journey. Please get in touch if you’d like to take the conversation further.

Jonathan-Rowan Belchers

Jonathan-Rowan Belchers

“I’m driven by the truth that one remarkable leader can change the fortunes of many. And I’m committed to championing those leaders across all continents.”

With an enduring passion for high performance and exceptional leadership, Jonathan-Rowan has advanced the footprint of Lockstep since founding it in 2006. A graduate of both Harvard and Berkeley and a certified business coach, he has 20+ years in the leadership advisory sector and lectures at a number of foremost business schools. He is an artist at heart – an avid reader, musician and painter.