We challenge the dominance of dreary, disconnected and unaccountable leadership consulting.

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Each member of our global team of consultants is a specialist in their field.
  • We have an unrelentingly positive worldview.
  • We become deeply entrenched with our clients.
  • We are fiercely competitive.
  • We geek out on great businesses.
  • We become our clients.
  • We balance performance with purpose.
Managing Director

Anne Hartslief

“I believe in the power of unleashing the potential that lies at the core of every individual, every team and every business.”

A seasoned strategic planner and consultant, Anne’s career trajectory has been the result of multifaceted leadership prowess, limitless curiosity and purpose-driven ambition. She has steered Lockstep’s operations since 2013 and is currently completing a business acceleration programme through Harvard. She also completed a strategic planning course at UCT’s Graduate School of Business and is an Advanced Theory U practitioner and internationally recognised business coach.

Anne Hartslief - Lockstep
Lockstep - Jonathan-Rowan Belchers

Jonathan-Rowan Belchers

“I’m driven by the truth that one remarkable leader can change the fortunes of many. And I’m committed to championing those leaders across all continents.”

With an enduring passion for high performance and exceptional leadership, Jonathan-Rowan has advanced the footprint of Lockstep since founding it in 2006. A graduate of both Harvard and Berkeley and a certified business coach, he has 20+ years in the leadership advisory sector and lectures at a number of foremost business schools. He is an artist at heart – an avid reader, musician and painter.